Thermaling tips Learned in Mexico…

1. When thermalling, fly deeper in the brakes.. almost carabiner level.  Better pressurizaton, less pitching, occillations.  I was flying right through a bunch of the juicy stuff and getting tossed over the waterfall on the backside. 


2.  When on speedbar, fly with your fingertips on the stabillos.  “Checking” the glider with the stabillo lines in the event of a frontal is apparently a better method than Ds or toggle pressure… all the comp pilots were talking about this “new” technique.


3.  Search upwind for the thermals and don’t be afraid to push out front.  The “yo-yo” technique was mentioned quite a few times, i.e. drifting with the core then pushing back out front if you fall out of lift.


~ Chris C.

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