Sagebrush Paragliding Site Info

Sagebrush Paragliding Site Info:

Sagebrush should be considered a P4 site. The primary LZ is tight with trees lining the south side and experiences strong thermal activity during late spring, summer and early fall. Sagebrush should only be flown by experienced pilots with strong spot landing skills. During summer months it’s recommended that pilots avoid the primary lz when possible and try to land at either Henningsen Lotus park or go cross country and find new LZs!

The midsize field marked in red and labeled Bacchi’s is private property. We’ve been told in no uncertain terms NOT to land in this area, doing so will jeopardize the future of this site.

The red circular area just east of the Bacchi’s property marks the home of a person who keeps exotic birds. Fly clear of this area to avoid spooking the birds.

You will need to sign a liability release  and become a member of American River Free Flight chapter before flying Sagebrush. Yearly membership dues are $100 and can be paid to ARFF.

Please keep your speed under 10mph when driving on the dirt road up to launch (Sagebrush Rd.).

Please contact one of the people below for a site intro before flying Sagebrush.

Phil Green  530-913-0076

Reto Schaerli 916 849 4292

Mike Fifield  530 263 7558

Jason Shapiro  530-306-1082

Google map:

Areas marked in green are ok to land in.

Do not land in the areas marked in red. Click on colored areas for further information.

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