Paragliding Lessons

Learn to Fly!

Tandem Flight $200

Flying tandem in a Paraglider is both safe and fun. Use the button below to order your tandem flight online or if you would prefer you can pay with cash or a check on the day of your flight. After you pay for your tandem flight simply call 530 263 7558 to schedule a date.

P1 Beginner Certification $450

The price of this package can be credited toward the P2 Training for those students who wish to continue their education and become independent pilots.
Learn the basic skills necessary to fly and practice under instructor supervision. In this course you will learn ground handling and preflight of your glider. You will learn to launch, fly and land safely. After completing this course you will have taken 4 solo flights and have earned your USHPA P1 Beginner rating.

P2 Novice Certification $1880

After successful completion of this course you will be fully certified to fly at most USHPA sites with out supervision.
Learn the skills and gain the experience necessary to become a USHPA P2 Novice rated pilot. You will become proficient at both forward and reverse launches. Your training will prepare you to fly in a variety of flying conditions. You will learn about weather, how to read sectional charts, equipment maintenance and many other skills necessary to becoming a safe competent Paraglider pilot.

P3 Intermediate Certification $300

Before signing up for this course you must have met all the logged requirements.
(Requirments)You have earned your novice rating and have been doing a lot of flying. Now it’s time to take your skills to the next level. In this one to two day course you will refine your skills and gain the technical knowledge necessary to pass the USHPA P3 written exam.

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