Motorized Paragliders

Powered paragliding is an increasingly popular form of sports aviation. A Powered Paraglider, also sometimes called a Paramotor, Motorized Paraglider or PPG is a truly amazing device. It’s one of the most simple and compact aircrafts ever invented. Most are so small that then can be broken down and put in the trunk of your car.

A powered paraglider typically take about 10 minutes to set up. After setting it up you simply attach the motor unit to your paraglider (with carabineers), climb into the harness and your ready to fly.

Very little training is necessary when you compare it to standard aviation. A good school will first teach you to fly a paraglider (without the motor). After you have learned all the basics, become comfortable with your wing and earned your USHPA P2 or Novice rating, which typically takes a few weeks,  you will learn to fly with the addition of a motor.

There are lots of great school and instructors out there but don’t hesitate to ask for references.

Here are a few of the better schools in the country.

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