Flytec 6030 Variometer With GPS

We just added the new Flytec 6030 Variometer with integrated GPS. The Flytec 6030 is a top of the line vario loaded with features. It has a 16 channel GPS, 3 built in altimeters, compass and comes with a full FlyCharts Professional license. At first look the 6030 may seem a bit pricey but when you consider the fact that by having the GPS built in you will no longer need to own an external one the price is actually pretty reasonable.  

Here are a few more features of the Flytec 6030.

  • Wind speed (direction shown on compass rose)
  • Calculated airspeed (no airspeed sensor used)
  • Wind component in flight direction
  • Time of day
  • Flight time
  • Ambient temperature
  • Ground speed
  • Altitude over destination
  • Altitude above best glide line
  • Altitude above best glide line around WP(s) to goal
  • Altimeter 1
  • Altimeter 2 (relative)
  • Altimeter 3 (cumulative altitude)
  • Barometric pressure (hPa/inHg)
  • Digital variometer
  • Distance to destination
  • Distance to cylinder
  • Distance to restricted area
  • Distance to take-off (for OLC)
  • Distance back to last thermal
  • Bearing
  • Track
  • Cross-track error
  • Glide ratio (through air, over ground, to waypoint)
  • Glide ratio to goal (around remaining turnpoints)
  • SMS send interval

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