Cronan Ranch

Cronan Ranch

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Before flying Cronan Ranch please contact one of the local pilots for a site intro. Cronan is not officially rated but should be considered a P3/P4 site.

We share Cronan with cyclists, hikers and horseback riders. Please be conscious and respectful at all times and be especially alert to people on horseback.

If a rider is passing close enough to you that there is any chance of their horse being spooked, set your wing down and wait for them to pass.

If you are already in the air and you see riders below you stay in the air if you can, if you have no choice but to land fly as far away from the riders as possible.

We all like to see how close to the parking lot we can land but if there are horses present our NUMBER ONE priority should be to avoid spooking them.

Pack it in – pack it out and … pack a little extra if you can. Help us keep Cronan clean:)

I am almost always available for site intros, please don’t hesitate to call Thanks!

Mike Fifield

530 263 7558

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